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Who we see a lot seems to be more attractive

Who we see a lot seems to be more attractive

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The longer you look at a face, the more it is fair to be sympathetic and even more attractive.


There is hope for hiring someone who is just as likely to meet - says Harvard University's recent study. Leading the research Viola Stцrmer and George Alvarez The formula is also true for objects: The longer you observe the object, the more valuable it will appear to be bright and bright.
There are different kinds of optical deceptions, which involve observing a point in the middle and then focusing it on one of its adjacent points. The result is that the circle appears brighter, although in reality the point and the circle are the same color. It looks like this time it has been proven that in the case of human faces, the level of attention is counted: the face looks more attractive after a long look.
"We asked participants to find out how attractive two faces were after focusing on one face for a long time. It turned out that they always proved to be the most sympathetic face they thought they would be. , but it has become a perceptual process for the face as time goes on, "experts say.
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