The unexpected kid's monk

The unexpected kid's monk

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They will make every effort to arrive at their destination. Or both are waiting. Or don't expect both, but they accept. Or only one parent will accept it. Or no one will accept ... - Anyway, this is what the kid will bear for the rest of his life.

The unexpected kid's monk

Social Expectation: If you are born, raise it to the best of our knowledge. We do our best, but most of all, perhaps not consciously, in the motto: we wanted, expected, made for us? Even for a child who is not only simply expected, but has done everything in his power to eliminate it. Many times, we are also shielded from what it takes to develop, whether it is play squeaks or love cheating.

1. You're in an accident, nothing else!

When her parents chose her, she learned that she had not been rejected just to try to save their dying relationship. With this in mind, it was clear why he had received so much accusation from a young age.The fate of an unexpected or unwanted child can be difficult if the parents do not love it early. You can look upon it as the source of all trouble at birth, but start drinking it or accidentally whip a glass of milk in the kitchen to quickly get: only trouble is with you. At a critical time, a terrible sentence can break out of the tactile stomach: you are the result of an unfortunate accident! I had to marry your mother!The unexpected child is already in existence it causes harm to his parents, as he reminds them every moment that without him they could have been a much nicer future. This sensation can survive in parents even if there is no real basis. Who knows, that future would have been more beautiful. This baby is almost certain to give you unconditional love from your parents. If you are lucky enough, there is a grandparent who is extraordinary for your grandchild, who has been filled with joy and pride by the very existence of the little one.

2. Go unnoticed!

When Nurri was pregnant in infancy, his mother began to panic. When the baby grew older, he stayed with him until he fell asleep, so don't bother the kid father in the fire. There was no room for jumping, loud noises in the room, they wandered over and went to all kinds of occupations, and were barely home.If only one parent didn't want the baby, you might feel like they were cheating. The little one manifests in failure, and he can relieve the anger of the other parent as well. The parent who has chosen the child, you may feel guilty against your couple: it was because of me that you took a bad turn! You can try to do all this by giving your child a constant message with every move, decision, word: So undetected! Do Not Disturb! Don't look! If you tease the little one, he'll immediately silence him, jump, talk, call to silence, and gain space in the family, in the home, restrain him or eliminate him. Maybe he doesn't even know what's causing him to, because he loves the baby, the little kid.

3. Come on up!

Zolik has been raised to selfhood from the beginning. Very soon he was expected to fall asleep alone, to cope alone with the change. He went to school six years ago, went to special classes, and he took a lot of work to raise money to get an old-fashioned home for his son. It is possible that the fate of a half-waiting child will be urgent: grow up, fly out, then the old equilibrium that was without you last is back! The parent's unconscious message is constantly bombarding the child. Of course, the result is two-fold: a baby is out of the house, but parents will never be able to get their youth back without a child.

4. I'm an outsider

The heart of an unexpected child has something to say: superfluous, useless, unloving. He is always anxious and wants to prove that I can be loved. You see how smart I am, I'm smart, I do everything perfectly. I need it! Crippler invests energy in the certification, so he feels he can never make a mistake, as this would justify his parents. If you have someone who accepts and loves you unconditionally in your life, even as a child, and even later, you can improve your life and your life.

The profit

But as with all things, this situation is not black or white. Many of those who have not been expected by their parents say that this proof of ease has brought the greatest achievements of their lives. This gave them the strength to pursue a job in a field and gain the knowledge to enjoy their profession or hobby. By this time, their lives had become full.
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