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Causes of slower fetal growth

Causes of slower fetal growth

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All pregnant women are looking for a healthy, vibrant baby. Occasionally, however, the fetus may not grow and develop as it should. What are the reasons for this? Can Fetal Growth Decelerate?

During pregnancy, the fetus continues to grow and develop, but it may slow down or even stop completely. THE all growth retardation within (intrauterine growth retardation - IUGR) means that the fetus is at least 10 percent smaller than the average fetus at the same gestational age.IUGR can be primary and secondary. In primary, symmetric growth retardation, the fetus is smaller than normal but proportional; the secondary, asymmetric growth retardation is accompanied by a normal, average size skull and brain, but the body of the fetus lags behind in growth, meaning it is imbalanced.

What Causes Growth Retardation?

There are many reasons for this growth retardation. Because fetal nutrition, ensuring healthy development is essentially a three-way process in which the mother, the fetus, and the cushion play a role in the functioning of the fetus. maternal causes such as, for example, ailments, malnutrition, smoking and alcohol consumption, diabetes (gestational diabetes and diabetes, pre-existing diabetes), and diabetes. Of course, the mother's pre-pregnancy condition and body weight can influence the rate at which the fetus grows. There are various genetic or chromosomal abnormalities among fetal causes.You can increase your risk of intrauterine growth retardation. preeclampsia, that is, high blood pressure related to pregnancy, which results in a worsening of the placenta. Infections (such as toxoplasmosis) can cause a developmental slowdown, but too little fetal water, functional abnormalities in the placenta, or even secondary abnormalities in the brain can be the next. twin loads are about 25-30 percent.

What Are the Dangers of Growth Retardation?

In the case of medium-sized fetuses with slower development there is a much greater risk of different health problems. Not only does this mean that the newborn is low in weight, but it can also make it harder to breathe or suck, less able to fight off possible infections, and neurological problems.

How can I determine if the fetus is growing properly?

During regular medical examinations, ultrasound, flowmetry, and NST can continuously monitor and follow the fetal developmental rate. By comparing the test results with the average, experts can notice in time that the baby is not okay.

How can IUGR be handled?

The treatment of the problem, of course, depends on the cause and severity of the problem. It is not enough to find out that the growth of the fetus is below the target body, and it is necessary to find out why it is occurring!In the least severe cases, it is usually only counted on more frequent examinations, but even more serious problems may require medication or hospitalization. In addition, it is of course important for the mother to have a healthier, calmer lifestyle (for example, smoking and alcohol should be discontinued immediately if she has not already done so).

Will the slow-growing fetus be premature?

Unfortunately, this cannot be predicted, and professionals are free to decide whether or not to give birth. In the mildest cases, you usually manage to "challenge?" if the condition of the fetus is warranted, the birth is described in sections 32-34. get started in a week. In this case, a cesarean section is needed because unfortunately vaginal birth can be too stressful and dangerous.

Can I prevent intrauterine developmental retardation?

Generally, with the right lifestyle you can reduce the risk. Eat appropriately and varied foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol and reduce the amount of caffeine-containing drinks. Let's try to get more rest, exercise regularly and avoid stress! It is also very important that you work with women, protect your baby and participate in exams. (Via) Also worth reading:
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