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Moms tell me what kind of a baby she is

Moms tell me what kind of a baby she is

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What kind of birth is it? Recently born mothers told me what they were faced with, how the expectation was, what the freaks were, the anesthetics.

Moms tell us how much parenting is (Photo: iStock)

What was it like?

As a mom of first childhood, I had a hard time deciding whether I had some contractions or Braxton Hicks. I was very angry at the bottom of my stomach, but it did not radiate any pain, as the books say. When I went to the hospital, I thought they would be home, but I had to stay because the baby was really here. - Tamara, St. Louis ParkI have two children, and none of them have experienced any gradual buildup. Instead, I had a big, long collapse that was worse than any menstrual cramps. - Rebecca, LaytonI said the contractions were going to be like very strong menstrual cramps, but it wasn't like that. It was a lot more intense than I had counted and I felt these on my lower part. It was like my muscles were getting tighter, and they were starting to twist, all the while they were almost unbearable, and then slowly went away. It was much more painful than I thought. - Angelina, Ellicott City

How did I bear the pain?

For me, the pain of childbirth was like the craziest menstrual cramp or cramp I ever felt, combined with a tummy tuck. She kept thinking and returned until that wonderful lady had arrived with the epidural anesthetic. - Rebecca, Indianapolis The pain was like grabbing my internal organs, twisting and crushing them. If I tried to fight it, the pain just got worse, but if I let the pain come, it would be more bearable. It was like the fear under the water, when you feel that when you fight, you are even more scared and trapped, but when you leave, the waves lift you. In addition, the underside of my back felt incredibly strong pain, which helped me when my husband pressed on. - Tommasina, Canton For me, the pains of childbirth were like millions of menstrual cramps. It was as if my stomach wanted to squeeze out all the contents, every organ, not just the baby. They arrived with varying intensity, followed by a very intolerant to a very strong one. I have a very high pain threshold, but it was definitely the most painful thing I have ever felt. - Amanda, ReadingWhat's the most similar to pain is a strange, deep, inward stomach, as if someone had snapped, grabbed my organs, and tried to squeeze them. - Jennifer, OlympiaI was just as painful as having my hips broken. - Nancy, Pico Rivera

It's not that bad!

It also happens that a few fewer people found the birth painful than the expectation. For me, the birth was wonderful. I went to the 36th week exam and the nurse checked to see if I was missing out. It was 5 centimeters to my cubicle, so I had to lie in the curb, I got the epidural, and so soon, I brought my baby to life virtually painlessly. - Jamie, Canton The butter was not as painful as I expected, even though it took 16 hours. When I got the epidural anesthetic, it became even easier. - Carmen, Hendersonville I was in pain, but generally not as bad as I have heard from others or imagined by movies, series. Most of the time, I could get stronger than normal menstrual cramps, but not unbearable. The worst part was when the nurse placed the baby monitor on. - Beth, GeorgetownI was not that bad, I was a bit more intense than a menstrual cramp. When the push came, it was a relief. And when I held the baby in my hand, I forgot all the pain. - Shannon, Corfu

After the fetal water ran out…

Some women said that the cubs only started when the water flowed out. After my water ran out, the real pain came, which gradually got worse. If I had just been out or about once every 15 minutes, I could have endured better. But as soon as I was on one, the next thing came. "Valerie, Clawson I didn't have any pain until the water ran out, but it felt so painful that I thought for a moment that I had left my body." I tried to meditate, to train myself on the beach. It didn't work out, of course, so my next thought was the epidural. - Andrea, TrentonIn the beginning, the pain was not terrible, but as the fetal water ran out, the water collapsed. It was as if someone had grabbed my internal organs and fired them from my body. - Theresa, Youngstown

The exit phase

The biggest mom said that when they got to the push section, the worst came to an end. Some, however, didn't really know how to press, and that made me feel bad. The pain lasted for two hours while I was printing. The vaginal pain was terrible all the way through. - Cristina, AtlantaBirth was by far the hardest physical activity I've ever done. But when we get to the exit phase and have sensations similar to motion, we're almost done. And if we can get through this, we'll meet the most wonderful little character we've been so eager to have. - Kari, Onalaska I knew after pushing that I had to push. And it was nice! The only real pain was when my son's head shook. - Rachel, Avon When I got to the active birth stage, I struggled to press correctly. I didn't understand exactly what to do until the nurse instructed me to do as I did when I was pregnant. At first I thought he was crazy, but then I found the good technique and my baby was born within minutes. - Tracy Fives, Lake Worth

It kills the pain

Despite the fact that most of them felt the birth was the hardest thing, they did it again and again, and did it.The outpouring was the worst, I felt every muscle stretch, cry, tear, And he's as crying as he has ever been! I felt it was inappropriate for the baby to come out, but when I was successful, I was incredibly happy. Totally got it! - Sharon, Danbury The pain in me burst into tears, gradually gaining strength and then disappearing. It was difficult for me to remind myself to breathe in the stomachs, because in the midst of it I felt like a rolled up turmeric. But when you look at the little man you are giving birth to, you know you can do it again anytime! - Kathy, AppletonWhen I hear Johnny Cash Burning Ring of Fire, I think of parenthood. It's a miracle that reminds me of what it means to be a woman, that all suffering deserves the grace and joy that you hold in your arms at the first moment! - Kate, New York (VIA)Related links: