I don't want to move in! Poci's story

I don't want to move in! Poci's story

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Sometimes the child sometimes does not want to move. In our wedding story, Poci's helpers are helping.

Tocci is all big guys. She moves alone, and she can even button the buttons on her clothes if she wants. But he didn't want to today. She didn't feel like putting on a drip, alone or with Mom's help. He shrugged, glared, and kept saying, "I don't want to get up!"
Really, her mom was very, very sad about her.
Poci's clothes were lined up across the bed. The red train on the train was the little boy's favorite. Mom made it today. He wanted to please his little son. My favorite pose, the dark trousers, the slender socks, the hoodies were all sad on the bed.
- Come on quickly! They helped you get into your clothes, Mom said.
- I don't wanna get in! Poci stammered.
- It's cold. Megfбzol! - Hell, Mom.
- I'm not cold! said the chestnut-baby boy.
"Nobody's dressing up because it doesn't fit," Mom said, but Pocit didn't care.
Mom was getting very angry right now, but it wasn't good either. The beauty is fine, the guilt, the gorging.
- Yeah! Just be naked. But without clothes, nobody's going to play with you, Mom said.
Just minutes passed, they rang. Mom opened the door. Rita and her mom were standing in front of the door.
- Hi! We're going to the playground. Are we leaving? - asked the brothers.
"Uh, we would really like to go, just…" Mom replied, "Poci doesn't want to move in today."
"There's no one on the street naked," Rita assured him.
Poci's horn ran into his room. He glanced at the bed. Her robes were folded neatly across the bed. Nini! Next to the clothes was a small colored man's cap.
- Bucket! I'm here! a thin voice said. Poci circled. A paw sat on the edge of the mattress.
- What are you doing now? the man asked the golden-gray little boy.
- I can't go to the playground! - Poci jumps.
- Why not? the owner of the man's cap snarled.
"Well… because… Mom won't let me," the little boy complained, his tongue tongue.
- Why not? The man asked.
Puci's kid can't go to the playground, Poci whispered.
- Then get up fast! So you will definitely allow your mom - the consolation of the man. "I can't get up alone," the little boy sniffed. - Of course not! You can move in if you really want to, ”said the little girl, and confidently added,“ They've helped you!
Poci reps reptile got dressed. And my man was handing out my clothes.
- I'm here! The chestnut boy ran to the front door.
- Go! Felцltцztйl ?! Then we can go to the playground! Mother said gladly as she helped her baby step into her shoes. And Poci didn't mind. From the top of the shoe closet, someone said in a thin voice, "Can I go with you too?"
- Well, if you quickly put on your cap, yes! said the little boy ki.
Poci cheerfully picked up his shoes on the playground. And out of his pocket a tiny man's cap peeked out, and at times he heard a giggle.