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Under a long car

Under a long car

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Before we go on vacation, let's make a pocket save on the back of the car for the first time. In this we can hide everything your baby may need during the 5s: drink, snack, handkerchiefs, and light play.

Storage itself can be a source of play if you sew a nice, multi-pocket figure out of colored felt. Let's put a little surprise in your pockets besides the inevitable teddy bear or baby. We can also bring in a few textile remnants, this will be your favorite new blanket. We are smuggling a new one with the famous storybook. Let's draw some cards on each of the pens, ideas, animals that we will see in the middle. The kids bring one, and the person who notices it first gets the card. It's great to find the shapes of your favorite fairy tale in the shape of a pair of fingers in a pocket. The fingers of an outstretched white glove can be used to quickly and easily create a Red, Grandmother and a Hunt with a colored felt-tip pen, a small piece of fabric, a thread. If we didn't have time to prepare it in advance, we can do it together from the permissions, they don't have to.
Little boys do not have to see the car: Draw a small sheet of paper on a winding path with gray felt-tip pens, trees, mountains, lakes, bridges, and all the interesting things that have emerged. Expanding your car, extending it folding in a small space.
The brothers and sisters do good things with each other in their pockets, but if the child is alone, we will settle for a long time.
Never collect it in a car!
Smoking is not only for the person who smokes a cigarette, but also for the toddler, who is hard to smoke in the sun during the day. Passive smoking is particularly damaging in a confined space, as it causes much higher concentrations of harmful substances in the air. A great example of motoring is: when parents smoke, little ones choke on the back.
Comparative studies have shown that children of smoky parents:
  • suffer more often from febrile illnesses, especially catarrh and asthma
  • headaches more often
  • the risk of developing cancer is twice that of non-smoking children
  • central inflammation is more common
  • behaviors are more restless, often agitated.

Games while traveling
Don't you even want to get in the car? Surprise yourself with something new: a doll made of old gloves, a cut out paper figurine, a picture drawn on a window.
Attach pictures cut out of paper or textile to the "ceiling" of the car so that it can be wet even when lying down. Buy or make a playbook for your childhood. Let's take a play, a textbook with us. If possible, settle down with us for a back seat, so you can have fun and not feel lonely alone. Let's fold your hair out of color advertising and tell you a story. Let's hide it by picking up a little trivia in one of our other brands, so let's find out which one it is. Let's listen to a story cassette, kids songs, and sing our own bits and pieces. Get in the mood for anything, just don't get out of the car on the go! Keep some light fruit and some potable water. Let's make frequent rest when you can sleep and run a little, so it doesn't feel too boring on a rut.