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One child - one tooth?

One child - one tooth?

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It's a common misconception, but it doesn't have to happen naturally. It is true that certain dental problems are more common at baby killing, but by the way, only tooth decay is the solution, fortunately you are not!

Of course, the best solution is to have one think about the dentist when planning your babyand is followed by thought. Yeah, if you call attention to the fact that you are planning a baby, and you want to get your teeth in better shape by then. This can result in time for replacement of the amalgam fillings, repair of the condition of the tooth, repairing of smaller or larger holes, and treatment that may be required.
Among these, perhaps, the most important is the thorough and careful removal of tartar. It is also unnecessary to waste time and time on what techniques are worth brushing your teeth to help eliminate plaque and leftovers.

Inflammation - a tooth disease

Pregnant women develop mild to more severe inflammation of the fetus due to pregnancy hormones vйrbхsйg kцvetkeztйben. The skin is more swollen, reddish, and generally more sensitive. Typically, it starts to bleed easily when an apple is spilled, and when it is brushing, it is easily bruised. However, for this reason, brushing should not be neglected, as this will leave a significant portion of the plaque on the teeth, which is the hotbed for bacteria that initially cause only inflammation and then tooth decay.
The use of auxiliary tools, floss and toothbrushes is particularly important as sensitive toothbags are more difficult to remove. The decisive, but not coarse-grained grinding of teeth and teeth is important even if it is bleeding.

If you are pregnant, consult your dentist as soon as possible.

The removal of plaque and tooth decay is also very important, as there have been several studies linking premature birth and tooth disease. You can also relieve light bleeding, sensitivity with a special toothpaste and mouthwash.

I'm bad at brushing your teeth!

If you are also a baby toddler, it is easy to start thinking about your toothbrush, not to mention your usual and well-liked toothpaste. Switch to another, you can gyуgynцvйnyes, menthol-free toothpastes, not even sweet. You may find it a good idea to buy a baby head toothbrush or electric toothbrush. This will give you better access to your back teeth and make it more comfortable to bear.

Toothbrush clean

It is very important to keep your teeth clean and in good condition and talk a lot. That is why every day you have many raw fruits, greens, relatively low sugars, and something to talk about! Avoiding sugars and sugary foods in a big way is not only because it can seriously disrupt your sugar budget, but also because it helps tooth decay.

Fuck my teeth!

With all due diligence and frequent dental visits, one or two teeth may fail. The handling of these should never be postponed. For safety reasons, safety should only be avoided if it is unavoidable, and only from the second third, although radiation is more internationally interpreted. harmless to the fetus.
Antibiotic treatment is not prohibited during pregnancy, and pain-relieving injections should not be discontinued. It is true that the fetus also receives the active ingredient through the leprosy, but it is not nearly as risky as the stress and anxiety the mother would have been due to the potentially painful treatment.
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