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Today's kids get their first cellphone at 10 years old

Today's kids get their first cellphone at 10 years old

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Children spend nearly twice as much on telephone every day as they did a year ago. There is something scary about the growth rate of mobile kids.

From 0 to 8 years old do American kids spend 48 minutes a day using their mobile phone, which is shocking to see that this time was only 13 minutes 4 years ago? Fox News. In Hungary, the use of smartphones, tablets and laptops for families up to the age of 8 is typically family-friendly, However, over the age of 11, 9 out of 10 children have their own cell phones.11 Years Old Have Their Own Cell PhoneIf your baby's first and foremost example is that the parent and mother at home seem to be pushing their phone, then it's not too surprising that the kid wants to push. These little ones are aware of the daily presence of the baby, but it is important to set limits on their use, as they have a number of risks (including child, student, experience). increases the chance of developing depression, not to mention the fact that if a child has their own tablet or cell phone, you can access pornographic content with just a few clicks. The little one can develop addiction in the same way, and in some cases the radiation is more powerful (brain tumors, thyroid glands, hallucinous tumors, etc.). use, monitor what you are playing / playing, and we are good at it (don't hang out on our mobile all day).In cell phones, you may also be interested in:
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