This should be done in case of allergic shock

This should be done in case of allergic shock

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Various foods, medicines, and even crumbs can trigger a severe, sometimes life-threatening allergic reaction. The so-called anaphylaxis shock comes unexpectedly, and many people do not even know that they or their family members are affected.

That is why, at the next Semmelweis Health Days Focusing Event, those interested will know what to do in the event of a seizure. The program is free for everyone, but is subject to registration. You can register at should be done in case of allergic shock (photo: iStock) Serious allergic reactions are in most cases caused by certain diets. The most common allergies are peanuts, dumplings, fish and seafood; or milk and egg whites in children, as well as your mouth, but some drugs, less often insect bites, , among other things, what a layman has to do in the event of seizures, choking, vomiting, and blood pressure. At the next Semmelweis Health Days event, the First Aid for Families program in small group work, the university's doctors provide practical help in identifying and describing the disease. Initially, symptoms that appear to be mild may worsen rapidly: edema may also occur in the airways, which can also cause stagnation. Mild szйdьlйs, sбpadtsбg fokozуdhat бjulбsig due to the drastic vйrnyomбs csцkkenйse, vйgsх the entire case is keringйs leбllhat.A fйlуrбs foglalkozбsok sorбn megmutatjбk small group of specialists in the tьnetek sъlyosbodбsбt megelхzх цnbelцvх adrenaline injekciу szakszerы alkalmazбsбt is.A Saturday rendezvйny rйszletes program йs of your registration felьlet by clicking on the Semmelweis Health Days site.Date: November 9, 2019 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
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