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Care after conception

Care after conception

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Midnight is the saying that pregnancy is a condition, but its essence is to make everyone aware: the women's body of the pregnant woman is in a completely changed state…

Care after conception

The situation is not a disease, but it requires turning around. And if you want to do everything you can to make sure you are in full health, you have to start caring for yourself before conception. The basis of care is planning your appetite. Not only is it important to consciously plan for the offspring not only to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but also to create the optimal environment for unwanted pregnancies.

Sensitive date

The most critical period for the fetus developing in the womb is the first week of the condition. If the conception is "unexpected", it is not planned for the woman to conceive of pregnancy, while the developing embryo will have a missed period in the most delicate period. Cйlunk the koraterhessйgi бrtу tйnyezхk kivйdйse the dohбnyzбs, alcohol, diagnostic rцntgensugбrzбs possible kбrosнtу gyуgyszerek szedйsйnek mellхzйse the megfelelх vitaminellбtottsбg biztosнtбsa the szьlхk egйszsйgi бllapotбnak ellenхrzйse, szьksйg esetйn kezelйse.Genetikai vizsgбlatokra mбsбllapot elхtt vбllalбsa only ritkбn szьksйg, they jelentхsйge outstanding during pregnancy.


Usually, the first sign of recognition is the loss of monthly bleeding. However, it is important to note that many times we experience more or less menstrual bleeding, even with a condition. It's a crazy thing to do women know their own cycle, you know: how long it lasts for days, how strong it is on each day, and in case of abnormal bleeding, especially if other pregnancy suspicions are observed, you should think about it. However, the бllapot felismerйsйben egyйb signals segнtik the nхket: these elхfordulбsa, intenzitбsa egyйnenkйnt vбltozу.A tьnetek most important: the йmelygйs, йs fхleg hбnyбs the morning, hбnyinger, each йtelek megkнvбnбsa, mбs йtelektхl valу disgust, often aluszйkonysбg, fбradtsбgйrzйs, mellfeszьlйs, mood labilitбs. Even if they do not, it is a useful pregnancy test even in the absence of hemorrhage. They are reliable, and sensitivity often rivals finer diagnostic techniques.

When should we test it?

These tests are most often performed by haemorrhage after 5-6 days It is advisable to perform it, and even in the case of the aforementioned pregnancy-related pregnancy suspects even without loss of blood. Tests test for hormonal change in urine, and most of these instructions do not require the use of the first urine in the morning to increase sensitivity. It is important to emphasize: the test is a biochemical test with a range of errors, both positive and negative. So you can never be an exclusive tool for pregnancy status or exclusion, and it is advisable to visit a pregnant woman if you are pregnant.

Ultrasound helps

Medical recognition may be delayed bimanuel (coming) with a vermin examination, respectively ultrasound with assistance. The following test is based on the recognition of the size and consistency of the pregnant mammary, so that the probability of error - although of course this is a function of the physician's routine and experience - is significant. Positive diagnosis can be made in the uterus due to malignant muscle tumors of the uterus, myoma, or enlarged palpation due to inflammation or other conditions. Nowadays, the diagnosis of pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound examination: during this examination the condition can be clearly detected.


Although pregnancy is not a disease, medical supervision is one of the keys to successful pregnancy care. Professional Care for Pregnant Care: I did not intend to take medical care, as taking care of pregnancy is teamwork.If pregnancy is low risk, then you may be assisted by a nurse practitioner or a nurse, while high risk pregnancies are the exclusive responsibility of the physician. High risk the age of the mother is more significant: if she is over 40 or younger than 18, but in many other cases only medical care can be available according to the protocol (eg in case of illness).Members of the care team:
  • the midwife who coordinates the roles of others in the medical supervision,
  • the baby, who remains permanently connected with the pregnancy, gives practical answers to his or her practical problems, simpler, but performs very important examinations during pregnancy (eg blood pressure, urine test),
  • the physiotherapist who runs the pregnancy gym,
  • a dietitian who advises you on healthy eating under the diet and, if necessary, on an appropriate diet,
  • the intrigue who manages your intrigue card underneath,
  • as well as the midwife who introduces the prospective mom to the life and work of the maternity room.
The doctor's most important task is to perform the necessary examinations. At the very beginning of the form, a routine puncture test is required, as well as extended lab tests.

Abdominal or vaginal ultrasound

Ultrasound examination is the most important tool nowadays for the care of pregnant women and for the knowledge of the condition of the fetus in utero. The szьksйges vizsgбlathoz vizsgбlуfejek alapjбn kйtfйle vizsgбlуeljбrбs hasznбlatos the szьlйszetben: if the patient hasбn keresztьl vizsgбlunk, abdominal ъgy, mнg the vizsgбlуfejet the hьvelybe vezetjьk, ъgy hьvelyi ultrahangvizsgбlatrуl beszйlьnk.Hasi vizsgбlatot бltalбban terhessйg from the kцzйpsх harmadбtуl vйgzьnk, mнg of the most commonly hьvelyi ultrahangvizsgбlatokra The advantage of the vaginal examination is that the pelvic organs can be examined more easily and accurately, and that the bladder does not need to be examined. During the abdominal examination, the pregnant pelvis and the fetus, which are already prominent in the pelvis, are already examined. An ultrasound examination is required in a condition without complaints. Perform the first vaginal pass through a pregnancy of 8-12. hetйben. Our goal is to provide a solid proof of the condition in the uterus, to determine the number of fetuses, to accurately calculate the age, and to detect some developmental abnormalities. The second examination is done at week 18, abdominally. In this case, we detect early developmental abnormalities in the fetus. Pregnant women over 37 must undergo a compulsory genetic examination at week 11-13. Ultrasound congenital anomalies are about 75 percent you can derive it. The third exam is week 28. In this case, the goal is to monitor the fetus for proper development and to filter out some minor anomalies. The last exam is performed at week 38: we aim to determine the position of the fetus in the uterus, the probable weight and the thus, we can obtain very reliable information about the condition of the fetus.

Plots and controls

In recent years, there has been little - as it turned out - unfounded opinion about the possible harm of ultrasound examinations. That's right: ultrasound has a tissue-like effect. However, it is safe to say that the energy of ultrasound emitted by the ultrasound device used in the birth is not sufficient to produce any cardiac damage in the case of long-term, frequently repeated tests. However, ultrasound examinations, like all human examinations, should only be performed when justified. Related articles:
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