Less pain relief if you give it yourself

Less pain relief if you give it yourself

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Research has shown that if women can control their own epidural during birth, the frequency of medical intervention will decrease.

Spinal anesthesia is usually given with a fixed amount of active ingredient, but sometimes the parent can control the dosing with a single button, meaning that an extra dose can be administered when needed. The American Society for Fetal Maternal Medicine An examination at a conference in San Francisco found that pregnant mothers using the tool had fewer anesthetics and, in some cases, had lower birth rates. In the United Kingdom, this option is already available in the neighborhood of hospitals. 40% of British women are involved in epidural anesthesia in the butterfly. The disadvantage of this is that it is more often necessary to have a device with a retractor or a vacuum. California Long Beach Memorial Medical Center A study conducted with 270 women resulted in less than 30% more patients who were unresponsive than the patient. Dr. Elizabeth McGrady, according to the anesthesiologist at the University of Glasgow, the only reason why technology is unavailable in all hospitals is the New Anesthetic Tool. The expert believes that the only question is whether due to the relatively small clinical benefit, the cost of new equipment and personnel training is worth it.

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Szakйrtхnk, dr. Judit Boros is a beautiful girl He said that, to his knowledge, this technique had not yet been applied in Hungary. A cannula is introduced into the epidural area of ​​the pregnant mother, into the canal surrounding the spinal cord, and through this the pain reliever is administered. If the pregnant woman complains of recurrence of pain, she may receive another dose. In other words, in Hungarian practice, the push of a button is replaced by personal communication, which is perhaps not that much of a problem for us.