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The thoughts of a three-year-old baby girl starting out

The thoughts of a three-year-old baby girl starting out

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Have you ever wondered what we would hear if we could get the kids to think about it?

What can happen to the little ones before they start?

What are the thoughts of those fragrant little bucks? What the hell do you care about them? Mostly at the end of the summer, say, a couple of days before the start of kindergarten. "I'm so excited, I'm going to come to school soon! I can't believe I've always been here at home familiar kids. But now there's going to be another place where it's full of games and fun. At least Mom says ovi is a cool place. I just didn't mean when she said that because her eyes are so sad and I feel it, that I'm worried about, and that I would love to keep it with you. and he can say so smart. But now I feel he is uncertain about this whole ovitim. But I can't tell him smart, even if he i'm thinking i'm insecure too because what if i don't have friends or i can't do everything the way uwnnnik does ?! It would be so good to fit in mom's life, to hear and feel it all right at the same time. Last time I heard, talking to dad and saying something to my mom, I'm not sure I'm late. I don't know what that means, but her eyes were so strangely shimmering and I didn't feel overwhelmed with energy. They thought I couldn't hear them because I was playing in the other room, but the door was open and I was watching. I pretended I was just playing. So I always know a lot and my grandmother always tells me it's my job now to learn how the world works. Well, if I'm as smart as my mom, I could put the storm in words in my head and sometimes in my chest, I tell him to support, love and trust me. Not just with words, but honestly with your senses and thoughts. As I am now in a difficult life situation, I need a guide and a sure hand to help me. Be strong, smile, and always ready to hear what's wrong with me. Even if it's just a tiny stupidity in their eyes.But I expect the ovis right now! "
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