It will be easier to deal with family and children

It will be easier to deal with family and children

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From April to April, it will be easier to arrange childcare (maternity) and maternity support. It is already a great help to get things started from the government windows.

Maternity support and maternity support also reduce the amount of time spent on nursing and the number of certificates required. Currently, there are 29 government windows, which will increase to 300 by the end of next year - reports MTI.
Applying for a maternity benefit for childbirth, a child care benefit (child) has become easier. In addition to reducing the number of documents to be submitted, the 30-day approval limit has been reduced to 18 days. The number of intermediate state offices and certificates to be submitted is also less, so starting a new account in the Hungarian State Treasury, which can be opened after birth, is much simpler. Family planning and parenting support for parenting support is made faster by IT development in the coming April. You can also expect fewer retirements for expecting a baby.
Further advances are that government windows have created more children's playgrounds, so that parents can take care of the baby while the little ones can occupy themselves. And being able to go to work at eight o'clock in the evening allows you to avoid having to leave work every day. A change to adoption is that the environmental study submitted by the specialist service would normally be sufficient for the decision of the orphanage. The decision of the Tribunal to determine the suitability for adoption would be increased from the current 2 years to 3 years.
It has been made easier to register in the paternal recognition, so it can be done at any tribunal, government window, or outside the honorary consul.
Currently, only accepted parents may request information about their blood-born parents, and this information also requires the consent of their blood-born parents. The new regulation, unlike before, has allowed the adopted person to visit his sibling without requesting the consent of his parents. There is also a right to know the pedigree, as the guardian will be obliged to inform the petitioner whether he / she has received a baby, a sibling or a sibling.
A new element in the assessment is that the parental health data of the Blood, in the form of "anonymized" data from the Data Controller, is requested by the Applicant. So far, this has come about through a search for her bloody parents. It also simplifies the recognition of foreign acceptance in the country. The authorities, in the form of petitions, face 25 to 30 such cases each year. In particular, the assessment has been particularly difficult in cases where a Hungarian citizen who has been admitted is a foreign citizen, and this minor Hungarian citizen is a foreign citizen. Another difficult case has been when a foreign citizen admits a minor Hungarian citizen, and this minor Hungarian citizen visits a large number of foreign citizens.
In the future, custody can be facilitated through registry, citizenship, and personal information and registry procedures if the cabinet adopts a proposal to that effect. For example, you will not be required to present a certificate of identity for the issue of your ID. The proposal reduces the number of screening occasions with the appearance of the person, and also proposes the termination of the procedure for filing a foreign post for more than one month, as well as for the foreigner.