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You would move out, refill ... But with a big tummy in a noisy, bustling place? Do you stop or live for so long? Oh, no! And what about the other little things? Evening programs are excluded by default. - What would you do for a concert that was designed for a little baby?

How are love voices and drums born?

There is a huge symphony orchestra in Budapest, whose members are successful concert musicians, and despite the fact that the evening's performances are not in principle conducive to family life, many of them are big family, three, even mother of two children. "I don't know what the trend is all over the world with how many kids the music folks have, but our band is probably in the realm, a real kid-friendly and baby-friendly band. I'm proud of my colleague, Love sound and host of the Buggie Concerts, or rather his mother…
Бcsnй Edit Székely, flute artist
Descended from a multi-generational family of educators, her mother is a mother, her children are seven and twelve years old. Music can be thoughtful, inwardly watchful. She wants to give prospective moms a sense of the importance of rush and focus on just the child at their concerts.

Concert for little kids and their babies

The band has a tradition of children concerts for 10-15 years. How did concerts for toddlers and babies come about?
"I think I would start from the time before the tummy concerts… Gyorgy Lendvai, who is the director of three orchestras, - the father of three other children - came to the Christmas party, where I am a child. I wanted to organize a musical show for the younger generation, this became the Music-Tear-Picture series that was meant for educators, and what the kids would like The series started in the autumn consists of three parts, first the strokes, then the woodwinds, and finally the seamstresses. I can't believe it en, but they barely sing in high school, they don't play tricks. " The kids sit on carpet pads, and the performers play "near-body". It is possible to play the sounds of the real violin, to seize the keys of the clarinet, to peek into the bow of the bow…

Which school did the children come from? Can You Join The Dance Concert?

"In the first year, we received one single letter from the seventy ovis, and even though the concerts were part of the orchestra's concert program, the groups came in mainly because of their personal knowledge. kids who were, all of them back. In the distant kindergarten, where we wouldn't want to bring the kids, we would love to join in. they pay. "

Singing and being direct

"At the end of the first successful season, in 2006, our director mentioned the idea of ​​giving a concert to pregnant and unborn babies. Klárri is a very knowledgeable music educator, I call this method of moving music sensibility. differs from what we used to do in the concert hall, but I thought it would be good not only for kids to teach a deeper musical transition. You must tell yourself that we are not silent lengetйs there, which we szolgбltatjuk the kendхket. To be intimate atmosphere, the ьl kцzцnsйg fйlkцrben. It's designed to call up to fifty or sixty people at a time. There's no stage here in the lobby, we're together with the public. We sing a lot. First of all, we don't usually understand why the public should sing, but it gives the audience a good sense that they have added something to the evening. "

Why Do I Love You?

"Gabor Borough Violin is coming to teach us a lot." He said in one of the rehearsals that we should love the voice before it ceases to be beautiful. Baby kittens are not like that, but you still don't.
In January 2008 it was the first concert. It was not easy to announce, but we were about sixty, little patrons came and Klara Kokas was with us. I think it's been a success, though it's hard to get over it. It was a bit strange to me, too, as the little babies sat there with their big tummy. First they were surprised that we couldn't sing, maybe because there are few people who sing at home. "
Opinion - Music education for our kids: "Very few children study music, go to music school, play instrument. When enrolled, they only go to the first year. It is common for children to be pampered, there is no healthy expectation, no discipline is important."

Who are middle-class musicians? How do I select the pieces?

"Everyone is a member of the MÁV band. We were happy to invite them, too, because there is less opportunity for the singer to perform in the band. Since then, a lot of people in the band have been enthusiastic about loving the pieces we play. It is common sense that Mozart's baby is the most important thing, but I don't think every composer or test is music. like all the time. I always like to include a Bach muvee in the show, which I usually put together, but other musicians can bring their favorite pieces too. let's say you're playing a community that pays maximum attention. It's so lively and direct to listeners that there is no trace of the usual lampshade. "

Baby-mom got to know tonight

"The program ... Let's put down the confused thoughts with the jacket. First we sing. You have to feel what it is like. his voice is the most beautiful, from the first moment he listens to his music. We play 4-5 minute chunks after them, and most of all we wouldn't say anything about chunks, because repentance is not born of this, but the community needs new things to know. which is a roulette and gives birth to a baby doll. It is an opportunity to make contact, to help the music Even if you do not know exactly whether your baby's movement is a sign of liking or dislike, your mother can observe which music you are reacting to. During the summer break after the first concert, the troupe of many concert-goers was born. We have received news of hundreds of baby births in the email list. Many have questioned whether they could come with the little one next season. So in October we started the series with a new audience, but they also came back from last year's concerts, and so we brought their babies. We wanted music to be part of the baby's life. "

Baby in the concert hall

"The little ones listened to the concert with their mouths open, and sometimes they cheered on the music. They were very careful when the little ones started to chuckle, they took them out immediately, but the silence went a long way. we put the carpet on for the little ones so they can roll around and play. We also have a breastfeeding corner, "Edit says of the plans. We are looking forward to the new concert band who have come to the world to listen to Bach, Mozart, Brahms and other classical music in their infancy.
The first Mummy Concert, which listens to the name of the Buggycsiga, starts in November and will always be on Tuesdays at the dates listed on the band's website. Later, at 6 am, the Love Mom concerts for the little ones begin to keep their quiet, intimate atmosphere, and now they are just looking for an adult audience. Tickets for the performances can be purchased on the spot in the band's hall (1088 Budapest, M Budapestzeum u. 11). Organizers request to register in advance at 338-2664 or by email ([email protected]).