Therefore, it is dangerous for a child to swallow a magnetic toy

Therefore, it is dangerous for a child to swallow a magnetic toy

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Refrigerators are included in every household, as are many families with small children. Children increasingly encounter magnets that they can swallow. What to do in this case?

Therefore, it is dangerous for a child to swallow a magnetic toyIf the magnet goes into the airways, it must be removed immediately, which is, of course, done. If the magnet gets stuck in the esophagus, it has unequivocal symptoms: chest pain, stagnation, inability to swallow, constipation. Seek medical attention, where gays and an x-ray help. But what happens when the ingested magnet enters the gastrointestinal tract? If there is no foreign body blocked in the esophagus, it usually goes through the gastrointestinal tract without any difficulty, because there is no narrowing of the body. No intervention, the situation requires observation.If the child has swallowed a piece of exercise, then you have no idea that any problem will arise, the child's small size is worth watching. As long as the bedroom does not pop up, the child should not wear metallic clothing, for example. zipper clothes. Wait for five days, if the baby does not appear in the faint or if any other symptom occurs, consult a doctor - you can read it on Magnets can pinch the walls of each other by pulling them together, not only does it stop the progress of the magnets, but it can also limit the blood supply to the walls. If X-rays confirm that more than one magnet is present in the gastrointestinal tract, medical observation is required.
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