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A baby costs 3-5 million forints in Hungary

A baby costs 3-5 million forints in Hungary

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Long and cumbersome today in Hungary for the adoption process, the process can take up to 3-4 years. But more and more people want to betray them, that's why there are people who would pay for a child. This is also a crime in Hungary.

3-5 million are asking for a babyMore and more people are deciding to raise money for a family that has no children - said Fuchkus in the Index. Fuchsus also made a nails in my head what it would be like to keep and sell. " The man, together with his wife, asked for more than a million forints for a baby to be born in 5 months.
Currently, there are 20,000 children welcome to Hungary for adoption, only 900 new children a year. Because of the lengthy adoption process, though, more and more people are being paid to have children.Budavbri Zita, the president of the Welsh Foundation, said that 10 years ago, he had heard about a 5 million story and a couple of people who had run into it in a 3 million case. Sellers and buyers can be sent to three-year imprisonment. According to Budavár, most of the commerce is done on the Internet, so Fukus has given up an advertiser in which he has accepted himself. A couple of days later, a couple of couples came in and they were talking about how much money they were asking the baby for with a hidden camera. "I'll tell you the tutti, we thought 5 million. We'd start by dividing the two, the rest for five or six months, and the rest. That's it." The couple will have their first child and the money they have received for childhood has been called a pain by the man. Besides selling and buying a fetus, he wants to have a big risk. Budavár said that there are some adopters who pay their mothers for housing, medical visits, pregnant vitamins for months and never give up the baby after childbirth. It can be even harsher if you pay for the cost of several couples at a time, and none of them gets the baby, or even threatens to blackmail the adopted couple. Fuchs knows that the police are investigating a number of similar cases, although the ORFK has not said so.