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It could have gone to kindergartens for the aged meat

It could have gone to kindergartens for the aged meat

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Two independent companies, but one company of interest, were inspected by the National Food Chain Safety Office in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County for several weeks.

Could have gone to kindergarten for the aged flesh (pictorial illustration)

Total approx 13 tons of unlabeled and expired products zбroltak. One of the companies it was also for public institutions In contrast to the controlled meat flesh, the inspectors of the NBIHH also found several hygiene deficiencies, among others there was no possibility of hygienic hygiene or more. During the inspection, it was found that the durability and shelf life of a number of products has expired. More than 3 tons of meat products were immediately withdrawn from the market and ordered for destruction. I believe in action with immediate effect efficiency.Your stalled commercial warehouse in the study welcomed the controls: the floor and ceiling in many places were dirty, dirty, rusty, and the refrigerators were disorganized. The meat was cut in a warehouse different from the licensed one. Nor were the conditions necessary for regular employment. In addition, some 10 tonnes of unlabeled, expired or quality shelf-life items were stored in the warehouse for unauthorized use. The products were seized with immediate effect and the owner of the company was obliged to recall the products manufactured by him. The business is a home for the elderly, restaurants, small shops and more Also in high school delivered.The procedures are in progress, the two companies are more than millions of forints per month The data of the affected companies are available in the infringement list.