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How do we tune our family commitments and work? Who helps? How do colleagues and colleagues accept the ex-mother, the old colleague? Do you really have family-friendly jobs?

Nowadays, everyone recognizes that career advancement and family fraud - because they all fall on the same period - are often difficult to reconcile for women. However, for the most part, getting into the workplace is not the only goal; Most of all, they want to work "all", for the kind of valuable, useful work that they do and of course they are looking for.
What could be the solution? Many choose to have children in their thirties - by then, they can build relationships, gain experience, and achieve professional success. They hope that all of this will make it easier for them to return home after spending time with their little ones, or, ideally, during this time, they can arrange their homes, get a job, get a diploma, or get a new profession. This is mainly for women who stay at home with many children, or maybe skip eight to ten years, who can spend most of their time "freely" for years, as a mother who is not a baby. Which is not a small guide!
Two-front fight
The mother at work is bombarded with requirements from two sides, but you can also get support from two sides. If you are mentally well prepared for the job, you can convince both parties, the deceased and the workplace, to speak to them to help them. This is the only way everyone can win: a successful, earning, earning, working mother, a workplace with a balanced, harmonious, good-humored workforce and a reliable workforce.
Of course, it is impossible to do this without the hardship. Lucky for anyone to rely on grandparents, as they love and reliably pave the way for children's daily lives when parents are too busy. If, however, they are still working or their illnesses prevent them from playing a greater role, they should be followed by a bisexual or other casual assistant. Obviously, the Father can take part in all of this. Let's experience how masculine the work at home can be: getting kids (from school, school), successfully negotiating dinner, overcoming all the bones in your pajamas!
Workplace Responsibility
However, not only do family members need to share work at home for an ideal solution. International surveys have shown that workplace management that respects the family responsibilities of employees effectively increases the success of the company and the business, as well as the benefit of family workers. Most companies employing young people, parents with young children, or women can provide decent work with good organization, collegiality and attention.
A fantastic thing: telecommuting
Unfortunately, the possibility of teleworking is not a widespread form: companies do not create such a status, they are, at most, transient, highly skilled and responsible, and almost uninhabitable. Thousands of state-funded telecommuting jobs could be at stake, as the state's Department of Information Technology and Public Health (IHM) hasn't counted on the wages of those who have applied for a job for months. (They had to provide calculations, internet costs, minimum cost). Although not strictly speaking, this is essentially a case of teleworking and freelance self-employment and other self-employed work at home. Many parents with small children are among them. However, translators, accountants, web editors, business associates, and other similar intellectual workers not only pay for themselves, but also have to work, trust, and market.
It could be
One of the winners of the application is Ericsson, a company that focuses on designing telecommunication systems, digital telephone exchanges, operational support, research and software development, and is considered a successful company. Here, employees with an average of 33 years and 93 percent of their academic background can do really creative, intellectual, research and development work. Ericsson's Hungarian employees have a total of about thirty-four children under the age of 14, which also means that small offices running down the corridor are not uncommon in Scandinavian-luminous offices - Liptay has learned. The company has flexible working hours. Agents seek to assign project tasks that employees can complete with freelance working hours. Edina Rouzsa, the chief accountant of the company, is responsible for her six-year-old son and three-year-old twins. As he told our newspaper, not only does he not cause conflict, but he feels that it is an advantage for the company manager to provide this special status: he can work as a team member, with flexible working hours, as well as with his child, not as a leader. During your foreign training, you can count on a grandmother who has specifically chosen the option of early retirement. According to Edina, at work she is counted as a valuable colleague because she works with and collaborates on common tasks to the same extent as others.
During working hours
Not so lucky Boglárka, who works on an abdominal wound. During the three months of pregnancy, there were a lot of new drugs on the market that you need to know. The daily routine is no good either: - I have to be there in the morning for a week, because the night is too tired and would go home. All my colleagues are overwhelmed, either because they are deceitful or because they are all alone, but all their work is inspired by "you do it anyway!" felkiбltбssal. When I come in, I have to receive and care for the dead, prepare for surgery, give infections, injections, have breakfast, sleep, and have the patient on the phone. - The kids get up at dawn, we run to the ovum, they are the first and last one to go, I am always afraid, have I not caused anyone in the hospital a badly dispensed medication or forgotten blood? , I need to retrain myself. Don't have an idea? - you ask back and I take your request seriously.
Helping staff
Erika's situation didn't seem any easier, as she went over 20 kilometers with her devoted child to work in the bank. He was well on his way, using the internet as part of his daily routine, introducing a new computer system, and when he returned, he was expecting new bosses, and his childhood illness also made it difficult to prosper. The key to solving the situation in their case was the community, the attitude of the employees. His closest colleagues, the "team" (five or six), helped him with everything because we knew they would need this support once, and because they were afraid that Erika was with us again. They took into account that you had to take your leave when there was a break in your wits. They helped teach me new things, or if the kid was sick, they did the job. It turned out to be a good idea that the young mother chose to be at work and not the place she lived in, because she could run the baby any time, and if she had to work, munkбt. Of course, this can only happen if the needy mother does not return with the help of her colleagues.
Family friendly small business
The Polgárr Tárrsak Company in Kecskemét also received a Family Friendly Award. Like Edit Polgárr, a subordinate of sixteen small businesses said that it is important for management to execute tasks. Beyond their flexible working hours, they also consider it important that family members get to know the goal: larger children can help out with summer jobs, and in the free time they organize great programs, parties, trips, and work together. They care about their colleagues, they deal with each other, and they solve the problems together.
Two between fire
"When I came back after childbirth, everyone was treating me in a way that was true to my nature." My boss was extremely mean, things weren't easy.
My problems started there because I could not reconcile my work and my responsibility to the children. I was nervous to get in for a while - this is important because we don't live in the capital, but I worked there - I was nervous to be able to go home in time, but to get my work done; I was also nervous about being sick and unable to go to work. Unfortunately, there was no one I could recruit them to. At this point, I felt that my colleagues were being indoctrinated, since my deputy was better suited to my task. So I got the idea that it wasn't good anyway. I did not return to my previous job, and the New did not mean either a challenge or a move; I only felt the hardships and that this status could not be maintained for my family. When it came to landing, we agreed by mutual agreement. "
Working jog short
You have the right to work from childhood to childhood fizetйsemelйs, that is, the bar must be adjusted for a bar with the same job and work experience.
THE after maturity you can stay at home for a couple of months as you are on work leave during your annual leave, your maternity leave, and your childhood or maternity leave. This leave may be paid in cash only if the employee ceases to be employed.
In the meaning of the Workbook, a employment may be terminated with immediate termination of your employment rights and with a contract term expiring indefinitely. In these cases, even without taking any action, your employment is terminated, you are on maternity leave or you take unpaid leave for the purpose of childcare. This does not affect the pregnancy or childbirth. However, these periods do not qualify as periods of employment.
The law defines it as such circumstances that justify denial of service, when the employer cannot terminate the employment by ordinary termination. These include pregnancy, three months after childbirth, maternity leave and unpaid leave for child care (childbearing, childbearing). Termination protection is limited to the duration of the events, that is, it may not commence until employment is in progress during the term of protection. Of course, an employee may begin his or her notice of termination already during the term of protection, but the period of notice may not begin.
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