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Nasty little puppies

Nasty little puppies

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The moment comes when you have to make rules and set boundaries. Of course, your child, who wants to take control of the world, will fight against the rules. But what happens when you win the fight?

If the child is uneducated

"It is not a great honor to go to a child psychologist," he confesses Mбrta. - For example, the classmates give you a phone number with the added sentence that they might not be there yet. The specialist had to face our son unable to accept the rules, behaves in an unmanageable, tyrannical manner. And that is when our own book began, because we had to say that we were raising our child by following bad principles. In order to feed a crab, not take it out at night, give it a quick wit ... and I can list it. When I got pregnant, I talked a lot about it with my mom, and then I made it clear that I wouldn't want to raise my child according to such prussian principles. And I tried it."It's too liberal," many of my acquaintances said, but there was someone who said, "Your child has grown on your head!" But I didn't mean to do this. Just somehow things went wrong. It was early in the morning, and I thought at thirty, and after a long hiatus, my son conceived. I was pregnant and pregnant was no triumph. First of all, from the cold, from the birth, then from the whole world, but mainly from the people who were eventually born into education. Today, I believe that these unwavering advices have greatly contributed to the loss of the reins. When I was a baby, I picked them up and screamed for relief. It was also a problem that I was breastfeeding so much that I woke up at night to take it in my arms… It was time for me to jump on every note. What do they look like when they filter the sand? Why do you want to teach your toddler, and why do you want to be taught by the trainer? I didn't listen to anyone. With child psychology, I managed to decipher the window and start a different way - which, I admit, is not easy. My son you'll get dhroham if I say no, and can pout for days if things don't go the way they want. But I have to stick to my standpoint, and it will be more tyrannical in itself, and it will be harder to fall short in life.

No one has ever forgiven me

Zsuzsa Szvetelszky, a researcher at ELTE confirms that many people perceive kindergarten as a kind of compensation, giving everything to a child that they didn't get. It is also true that today's children are strongly influenced by the consumer-oriented society, and the media supports this, which also highlights the indulgence. serves the purpose. Parents also fall into the trap of compensation when they are also heavily influenced by media lies. The advantage is that because they cannot spend time with the child, it is prudent to try to relieve guilt by making fun games. - Victorian wormwood early childhood education, there was no material question about what to eat, when to get up, when to talk, not to talk about parenting principles. But you don't have to go back in time like that - our grandmothers, who worked from sight to sight, didn't even fall trapping indulgence. But the woman of the modern age is thinking about a kid's project, and she doesn't give birth until she can give everything to her child, so it's no wonder she's easily slave to her child.

Why the limit?

Parents seeking counseling are increasingly turning to pediatric psychologists. - Hey, you can't skin him, he can't fit in the community, he is overly willful - mentions the most common problems Standovár Sbra child psychologist.The expert believes that, for one thing, they allow everything for the child, and one thing is that they are left completely behind (for example, until dawn.). - Because, boy you only seem to be disobedient and violent, fearful and anxious inside. It would not be his job to control, but to feel safe in the safety of his parents, who set the framework for the dangerous world. To do this, he kills a small child as soon as he has to deal with upcoming situations. Let's face it, this can be scary for high school, not before ... It's getting harder and harder at school. Those who are incapable of adapting and accepting can not really fit into the community. You may have ongoing learning difficulties at school, even though you may have children who are selected on the basis of your ability. In the end, she grows up to have only her expectations, her rights, and her obligations. How will such a person meet in the workplace, in family life, and there is no eternal rule as to when to raise the limit. Life gives you the situation and you need to react well. When the child starts to come, the frames are clear: you can't run over, run around in the store, or buy everything ... Of course, it is important to have an explanation and a good relationship with the parent. You don't have to be a dictator for them to accept the rules. - I encourage parents to listen to their inner senses because they are the best suited for their children, advises the child psychologist. - I think if something gruesome, it certainly won't work. We received the "Liberal List" as the answer to Prussian upbringing, so the senseless indulgence came from the senseless indulgence. Both of them are anxious about the child. But if we consider these to be one of parental guidance, the frame, the other of child-mindedness, of tune-up, and of love, well, then there is a recipe.Related Articles:
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