No more support, no more children are born

No more support, no more children are born

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No matter what the state support is, there is no increase in the desire to have children based on CSO data. Since 2010, the number of people who receive child care benefits, ie childbirth, has been steadily decreasing.

No more children are born, even though there is more supportThe World Economy article published on the Index that the state is giving $ 350 billion more support to a child now than 8 years ago, no more children are born, no more childbearing. According to the CSO, 1.2 million families were born to children in 2010, after 2 million children, in 2016 this number only meant 1.09 families, after 1.8 million children.
In 2018, $ 346 billion more money will be spent on family fraud, but the trend doesn't seem to change, and more children are born. According to the CSO, more than 40,000 people were sick last year, 1.6 percent fewer children than a year earlier.Related articles in the topic of children:
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