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Postpartum Reproduction: Painful and Risky Examinations?

Postpartum Reproduction: Painful and Risky Examinations?

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As they are born more and more with cups, our specialist is receiving more and more requests for this. What happens, for example, when you succeed in bringing the baby to life for the second time?

The main mummy: the touch


I gave birth to my first baby with a cup, now I'm expecting my second baby and I really want a natural birth. My doctor has been mocking me for a while, but I increasingly feel like she would love to fuck her next. Most recently, he said that after the vaginal birth, palpation should be done while under anesthesia - because it would be very painful - to get a manual examination to see if the scar of the previous surgery had broken. So baby, I want to breastfeed so badly I won't be able to breastfeed it.And if the scar has changed all the time, my stomach also has to be cut to sew. I admit, it scares me a lot, I don't even know if it's worth wrapping up a natural birth so much. Why can't you see that with ultrasound, for example whether that scar was broken? What is the Expert's Expectation on this?
Laura, email

Our specialist, dr. Answer by Judit Boros:

I can share my own experiences with you, and I apologize in advance that they are reassuring. With so many women giving birth to cesarean section, there are more and more people who naturally want it for the second time, of course, only if the cause of the previous operation is not repeated. In recent years, many of these mothers have given birth to me, and there has never been a need for anesthesia. I was afraid to dispel the fear that touching was a terrible thing. Valуban you need it, since in rare cases, but during the examination, we may notice that the former mica has disappeared a little and needs to be sewn together. In my entire career so far, such a case has only occurred! This baby was still hard to bear after the birth and after the stomach incision because of the small, slightly larger hole than the buttonhole, which was formed on the previous scar of the uterus, either in childbirth or fatigue. Even so, he felt that he had done well to choose the parent instead of the cup. Itself the touch only a little more uncomfortable than a common hand exam.It feels like I press the top of the bee by hand, with my other hand using only two fingers to pinch the inside of the inside of the inside of the inside of the inside of the inside of the medulla. It is much less uncomfortable for a pregnant mother to be able to unwind consciously and to the fullest. Unfortunately, with ultrasound examination, it is not possible to see immediately after birth whether the scar is present, because the boundaries are not very sharp at this time. Feeling good it has value and authority, but in my experience, I don't have to be afraid of it at all.You can read literature on postpartum cesarean section
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