So get ready for the ova!

So get ready for the ova!

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"Hey, kindergarten, kindergarten, that was just a miracle!" Reads Vackor, the little boy's first day of kindergarten. Don't you want your kid to have a miracle in the door too?

So get ready for the ova!

I will never forget the routine of my children in kindergarten. My daughter's girlfriend invited us to her own home: she was a cook, a talker and a micimacker. So we were in a much better mood for the first day of getting used to it. It was 5 years later for my son. When I left the group room for the first time, my heart clapped. Closing the school gate, I started my usual morning run when the phone rang. He was his brother-in-law, who told me he had seen how tense I was and called me to know that my son was playing and running fast. And then I really rested: you're in really good hands.

Getting ready for school

If your child has often turned up in kindergarten even before kindergarten, or has just been wandering around, then we are in a much better position, since he or she is more aware of how before september school starts, but the summer months are good if we are tuning in together for the changes that are awaiting us.After a world of wanderlust or just spent at home, a new world will open up here for our child, because social relationships are also very much new in nature. The elkцvetkezendх йvekben he will kiprуbбlni szбmtalan things, gain a lot kйpessйgre New Account, mikцzben take elsх цnбllу lйpйseit -immбr nйlkьlьnk but йs our biztatбsunkkal tхlьnk magabiztossбggal kнsйrve.Erхsнtsьk hбt learned from him how important йs jу tцrtйnni things are going with him, but empбtiбval let's turn to your uncertainties and concerns too!

Books, fairy tales

Let's talk about uVodbara, the life of kindergarten! This can be a great help for kindergarten tales about small stories.Among the classic classical tales:
Janikovszky Йva: I am a student! Spiš Mari: Potty Panni in kindergarten
István Kormos: Vackor in the SchoolWith the New Tales:
Erika Bartos: Anna and Peti - Irbny in kindergarten
Pety Finy: The Door Let's leave time for a chat to answer your child's requests!Let's play more! Bouncing, waking, bouncing, peeping games help you get ready for the divorce.

Open days, creative workshops

Nowadays, most schools now have open days several times a year, where you can go to group rooms, see the ovis, and personally get to know the child's pedagogue. Let's go together, give him the opportunity to - with us - get to know this new medium.In addition to open days, the schools are happy to organize open classes for children (eg at Easter or during the Christmas holiday season), where they can play and play creatures.

Practical stuff

In kindergarten, you may also need countless new things: shoes, hoodies, linen, nursery bags, gym equipment, and purity. Let's buy and put them together! Include them in these activities too: choose pajamas (if you need to bring them to the door), bedding and a pillow. Let's show him where we're going to go to school for the kind of transport we need! Show us where to draw, sew your school sign so you can get to know your own clothes! dressing, breakfast, brushing). It is also worth taking the time to do this, as it will be difficult to change after a relaxed summer schedule.

Getting used to it

The process of getting used to school can be very different. There are places where it will take several days, but in the next couple of parents with their parents in close proximity to the parents are urging us to leave the child there. follow the custom of that institution, but be sure to keep in mind the rhythm and needs of your child. I think a good kindergarten will handle this flexibly and empathically. Let's realize that both mother and child will have a difficult moment, and they need not be unduly suppressed. It helps a lot to figure out one a small ceremony later on to say goodbye (we have it with my son to this day), because it gives him safety. The tension experienced by us also sticks to the child. And this is not good. Let's always give him a focus on when we'll go for him! Emphasize that you are safe, assure us of your love, and that you are a great boy and a great grandmother who has become an educator. I am happy that we were prosperous at the door, but we should not defy or divert you if the ailments of the five are too great.
And what is very important: the kindergarten never not be connected to scare or threatening to say anything!
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