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Our sleeping habits have changed, more trouble than we have believed

Our sleeping habits have changed, more trouble than we have believed

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Increasingly, sleep deprivation is a mid-life crisis like obesity, but we talk a lot less about it.

Our sleeping habits have changed a lotSleep is a basic human need, and even a necessity. For example, in schools, it is known that dormant sleep in Sleep has an effect on the performance of memory games. As you may know, sleep deprivation increases the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Sleepless nights lead to anxiety, and sleep deprivation increases the sensation of sleep. The depressziу йs alvбshiбny kцzцtt also kimutathatу цsszefьggйs.Az alvбssal цsszefьggх kutatбsi terьletek begin цsszekapcsolуdni the utуbbi idхben, you have already йs not kьlцn vizsgбlnak a terьleteket as insomnia йs the йjszakai lйgzйsi problйmбk but egymбssal цsszefьggйsben, this alvбsegйszsйgьgy. In other areas, the demand for sleep is gaining in importance. The role of sleep has changed greatly in the past. While in 1942, according to a Gallupp survey, American adults slept an average of 7.9 hours a day, a 2016 study reported that half of people don't sleep a week. What is the consequence of this is still to be guessed.As above 50 years of age, there is a correlation between sleep deprivation and pain: those who do not sleep well, most people who have more pain, have less sleep. not looking for food, not looking for a couple, and being vulnerable to predators. If we had only been able to reduce this time by only 10 or 20 percent, we would have killed in 4,000 years. " Walker, professor of psychology at Berkeley University. According to the professor, the importance of sleep should also be brought to the attention of the schoolchildren. At the same time, there are more and more nurseries, according to the Washington Post, which are skipping duluth sleep to learn ovis instead. The American Sleep Association recommends the following:
    • do not mobilize in the brain
    • let's sleep in comfortable clothes
    • avoid nicotine and caffeine before going to bed
    • we always try to get to bed at the same time
    • there should be silence and warmth in the bedroom
    • in the sun, let us have natural light
    • do not play sports in the space before bed
    • do not sleep in the sun
    • do some relaxing things before going to bed: meditate or take a bath
    • if we can't fall asleep inside Uranus, then wake up and do something, the whining just makes me frustrated.
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