Screen effect slows down brain whiteness

Screen effect slows down brain whiteness

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There is a growing body of study about the effects of screens. Now, here is another research finding that the use of screen savers in children 's brain development is indeed adversely affected.

Screen savers have a damaging effect on children's brain development (photo: iStock)John Hutton, a Cincinnati Children's Hospital doctor-researcher examining the brain of three and five children with MRI. The study found that for those who see more than one umbrella a day, the whiteness develops more slowly, according to the CNN Index. White plays an important role in the development of reading, language learning and cognitive skills. The brain develops most rapidly in the first year. At this age, the most formative, all-encompassing, and then certain relationships in the brain that last a lifetime are formed - said Hutton. Researchers are also very concerned that children can access these tools from a very young age. In the Hutton survey, 90 percent of the users used a year-old study. 47 healthy brain children participated in the research (27 girls and 20 boys) who had not yet begun school. With the help of the DTI MRI, the researchers examined the whites of the children. Before the MRI examination, the children completed a cognitive test and their parents reported the number of screens the child had. The results showed that children who spend more than one urn per day in front of screen shields (this is the upper limit of the recommended amount) were less developed and disorganized. On average, the children filled in two daily ubiquitous screens, but there were some who mobilized twice daily.
Jenny Radesky, the lead author of the 2016 US Screen Saver Guide, drew parents' attention that these are very early results, and you don't have to worry about your kids getting too much digital.
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