The vaccine could save 1.4 million children every year

The vaccine could save 1.4 million children every year

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An increasing number of parents are opposed to mandatory vaccination, although in Hungary it is due to high vaccination rates that we may have forgotten pediatric illnesses that have died or become seriously ill.

With the bad weather coming in, the flu season is coming soon. Each year, he has been debating whether it is worth vaccinating ourselves and our children, but opponents often go further and question the need for mandatory immunizations. The majority was of the opinion that compulsory vaccinations should be given, and that it was common against rota, but more than that.
"We got the obligors and the anti-viral meningitis, and the rat. I got it, and I got it, and everyone in the family and in a couple of days would have no problem, I don't think so. with the vaccines, but as with all others, I follow the golden mean, "says a mother.
Some, on the other hand, only filed for the law and only the obligors. "I am anti-vaccine, but the obligors have been given, but much faster because they are not picked up in an ovi. "- reads one of our readers. Another mother also agreed with this point: "My 15 year old received the same vaccinations as my 11 year old. The bar is constantly evolving, but after all there is a cool diagnosis ... I meant it was not a vaccine. We are laying. MMR vaccination is here all the time. But you are obligated, and already I have received 1x vaccination advice from the middle.

To extinguish or not to extinguish?

In contrast, there are people who are explicitly protective. "Not only my own child, but my other child, is being threatened with another outbreak of an infectious disease," reads a post on Facebook. The others say even harder: "I think people who scare parents and scare at vaccines are very dangerous people. Many naive parents scare you when you read that you would think about it, think about it. and parents wouldn't vaccinate their children! The laws would spread again, causing the deaths of many toddlers. Do you really want that ?! "


According to a WHO study, vaccine shortages are still a problem in developing countries, with 55 percent of cases in developed countries not being vaccinated because of the parent's decision. Anti-vaccine organizations and parents say vaccines are actually poisonous or weakened viruses that can harm the body - for example, many people claim that some vaccines contain mercury. However, this is not true: mercury content in thiomersal-containing vaccines is very low and there is no evidence that it causes health problems.
Another common check is that vaccination causes severe, permanent damage and illness. For years, he insisted that vaccination against bending can get autism; this has been the subject of much research since then. There are also reports, mainly on the Internet, that vaccines can only be a lobby for drug stores, and are unnecessary. In fact, some people "know" that vaccines actually implant microchips in children.

Plans and Facts

Conversely, according to lawyers, only the high vaccination rate can be attributed to the fact that we have almost forgotten many of the diseases that cause so much death. Childhood vaccinations are a must because they protect the community from the law. If the number of people who refuse vaccination is higher, then there may be a better case than we have seen in years of bending or dying.
In addition, in Hungary, where the administration of a total of 11 vaccines (one of which can cure more than one disease at a time) to children is compulsory, the system works very effectively.
An example of this is that last year in Europe, headwinds were swirled in many countries - most of the countries where parents could choose not to give their child the vaccine. In Ukraine, Germany and Romania, dozens of people have died as a result of the disease. On the other hand, in Hungary, like Lajos Уcsai, the Chief of Staff of the National Chief Medical Officer's Office explained to Há that there is a compulsory vaccine for the age of about 99 years.
Vaccine critics also often mention that vaccine events are more dangerous than the illnesses themselves. With current mandatory vaccinations, hepatitis B, curvature, rubella, mumps can very rarely lead to a mild event, and a second HPV vaccine can cause nausea and death, but it does not Metropolitan Virology of Gyorgy Berencsi.
Critics of vaccinations also forget that hundreds of children have died of diseases (sore throats, or just childhood insults) that we have not even remembered since the introduction of vaccines. In addition, treating a morbid condition is always more inconvenient and costly than prevention.
According to WHO estimates, worldwide, 1.4 million of those children under the age of five could be vaccinated each year.