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Tick ​​situation: the parents are in danger

Tick ​​situation: the parents are in danger

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More and more parents are choosing to have a highly effective defense against tick-borne viral encephalitis and cerebral inflammation: immunization.

Tick ​​situation: the parents are in danger

But according to family doctors' experience many adults procrastinate to ask for it themselves vaccine administration and the incidence of tick-borne encephalitis, as well as the result of infections, can be significantly more common in adults than in children, and may result in severe life-threatening physical and mental disorders. Professionals call attention to it is more in a holiday resort, for example, in Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, some non-coastal regions of the country also have a large number of infected blood. And this is dangerous because certain diseases, such as those transmitted by the tick, rheumatoid arthritis it can lead to very serious physical and mental damage. There is no cure for measly viral encephalitis, but vaccination can provide effective protection. Immunization is carried out with three doses of vaccine, a longitudinal protection all vaccinations and recurrent vaccinations must be submitted for maintenance. The occurrence of tick-borne encephalitis has that he is more adult than childhood, ”he said dr. Vajer Peter csalбdorvos. Due to the care of the parents adults tend to pay more attention to children's health than to their own. Kirбndulбsok, tъrбzбsok utбn the children carefully бtvizsgбljбk, any ticks great valуszнnыsйggel idхben eltбvolнtjбk. "Mбs tйnyezхk also kцzrejбtszhatnak that the idхsebbek kцrйben frequent incidence. The elmъlt йvtizedekben valу the egйszsйges йletmуdra tцrekvйs jegyйben tцltenek the felnхttek, idхsebbek also tцbb idхt the outdoors, exercising, camping, so they may be more likely to be touched by their little blood. Dr. Peter Vajer added: "In my experience, vaccination among younger age groups is higher than among older people. Many people are still switching vaccinations to childhood, although vaccines against tick-borne encephalitis, like the flu vaccine, are worth taking seriously in adulthood. It is welcome that more and more children are involved in the proper protection, but as the trend clearly shows, parents need to pay attention to themselves. "We also have to face the It can also be found on playgrounds, sports poles, beaches, and in higher altitudes, in the mountains. and some northern regions of Croatia have also been infected. Zala, Somogy, Tolna, Baranya, Vas and Veszprém counties, especially during the night Nуgrбd and Borsod Countyand Йszaki-kцzйphegysйg. The tick-borne encephalitis virus a also in raw goat's milk and cow's milk therefore, it is recommended to consume them only after proper pasteurisation and boiling.

Scary events

About 10 to 12,000 cases of tick-borne encephalitis are reported worldwide each year, but the incidence of the disease can be much higher, as usually only those who develop a disease with central nervous system (CNS) disease seek medical attention. Although the first phase only involves fever and muscle pain, one third of patients develop second stage severe symptoms occur: Tarkуmerevsйg high lбz, koordinбciуs disturbances, violent fejfбjбs, hбnyбs, szйdьlйs, eszmйletvesztйs.A betegsйg бltalбban will take place over two hйt, half of pбciensek szцvхdmйnymentesen gyуgyul, but maradvбnytьnetek mбsoknбl physical or mental teljesнtхkйpessйg enyhйbb or explicitly jelentхs csцkkenйsйt okozzбk. During childhood, malignant discharge is common. Among lighter events, recurrent headaches, memory disorders, and EEG abnormalities suggestive of seizures are common. Muscle dysfunction and other serious conditions of survival can be so vital that one-third and a half of the patients who have left the hospital are reluctant to give up their studies and workplace. Significantly, the number of patients has fallen since the military in 1997 increased the amount of vaccine injected by two to three times the amount of previous years. Two years later, according to the soldiers, the occurrence of tick-borne encephalitis has practically disappeared in Hungary. they sell two types of vaccine, they both have children and adults. The primary vaccination course is followed by three doses, followed by a second vaccination 1-3 months after the first vaccination, followed by a third vaccination 5-12 months later and 9-12 months depending on the vaccine. To obtain a long-term vaccination, an inoculation is not sufficient, a complete primary immunization line should be provided. The timing of subsequent vaccinations will vary depending on the vaccine age and age, and the family doctor may provide detailed information.
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