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7 stereotypes of housewives

7 stereotypes of housewives

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Although everyone is different, some traits are typical of those who are primary mothers. At least according to a senior mother who has just taken it, she thinks what household moms are like.

7 stereotypes of housewivesA 4-year-old mom, one of's newcomers, has compiled the most typical and true stereotypes.

1. We love leggings

First of all, let's face it, if we didn't have to go anywhere, we would all just wear nice stuff. Every single day, all day. I'm not saying that sometimes you don't have to dress up nicely, but it's more about appearing than grace. Wondering what a homemaker would look like if the overwhelming majority of her daily activities consisted of sitting under the table to cover the crumbs, hanging out with kids or playing games with her? Therefore, my pants must be as elastic as I am, as zippers and tight fabrics only slow down.

2. Gossip

Okay, before you start arguing, look at yourself. I also worked in 8 cities where office rumors went the same way. Mom's chats are largely non-malicious (of course they are, but it's best to stay out of the way). The thing is, since moms around are well acquainted with each other, they know more and more about each other, so this is going to be a topic in the public domain ... and sometimes we have opinions.

3. Real chaos is our life

It's not a matter of running around with a chicken head cut off, buried with baby fish, but it is true that there is always at least one child close by (rather more), which is just enough to spend less than a day. And this is what every mother knows that she has an irresistible domination effect on everyone else. Ergo is ready for chaos.

4. We only refer to each other as XY's mom

That's right, but it's true. The reason is that we happen to meet a mom countless times on the playground, but the first time she was introduced she didn't remember her name, and it would have been too late to tell her. After all, of course, we know not only the name of the child, but also the birth story, his favorite tale character, and even what he is allergic to and his zodiac sign.

5. Wherever the King is going alone… we are not there either

From the time you have a baby, the baby is no more a private place. What are you doing? Because a mother must always be available so the door must remain open. The kids will learn it soon, and they will soon show up on the wall shortly after you shake things up. If you're lucky, you can also experience the fact that they put their little hands on your side and say, "You are kind, Mom. I'm proud of you. You're a real great." Yes, this is something that has happened to us.

6. The most important thing we do remains invisible

Every time we clean the apartment, we can enjoy the result for practically 2 minutes. Not to mention that no one can thank you for cleaning the floor beneath the dining table. Sometimes it's a little annoying, but it's actually okay as long as we are respected and respected.

7. We are the only ones who always know where we are

I do not know that we will receive this superpower only after we have become a mother, but it is a fact that no one in our family will ever find anything that we are looking for. Even if it's in front of your eyes. It's a mystery, but that is our exception.Related articles in Maternity:
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