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Defeat PCOS! Change your transition

Defeat PCOS! Change your transition

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More and more women are discovering that so-called polycystic ovarian abnormalities, such as acne, acne, hypertrophy, and infertility, are known as PCOS.

Diagnosis is already a success, and you can do the most for yourself: lifestyle and diet! Zsuzsa Bajor, a dietitian for the Kitchen of Angels, gives you some tips for this. In PCOS, there is a very common case of hormone-related patients who have every tenth pregnancy. In their development, they attribute a crucial role to hereditary and environmental factors, as well as to lifestyle. Increased men's hormone levels cause irregular menstruation and conceptional difficulties tьnetek it is common, as well as abnormal acne training on the face, chest or even the abdomen on the face, but it can be characterized by excessive hair growth on the face and body, severe - even strange and hairy.

PCOS diet

Women are often the cause of hormone dysfunction in excessively large amounts of adipose tissue. A very common feature of PCOS is insulin resistance, which can affect up to sixty-seventy percent of patients, almost independently of body weight. This symptom significantly affects your treatment.

What's up to you

Adequate diet, regular exercise (sweating for at least 30 to 40 minutes a day, intense exercise), and slow, long-term weight loss all help to maintain optimal insulin levels, which can reduce the it also reduces the risk of developing diabetes and long-term diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

PCOS - The basic principle of getting started

The diet is based on the principles of healthy eating, but due to insulin resistance, dietary guidelines for people with diabetes should also be taken into account.

1. Low GI

The glycemic index (GI) shows the ability of a food to raise its level of glucose relative to glucose. Foods with a low glycemic index contain slowly absorbed carbohydrates or have no carbohydrate content, such as a large proportion of greens, fish, whole wheat grains, long milk yields. (Quote: Zucchini with roasted greens.) The lower the GI value of a meal, the less insulin the pancreas needs to produce to maintain proper blood sugar levels. However, high glycemic index foods - such as sugar, honey, sugars, dried fruits, refined flours, potatoes, breadcrumbs, oily sugars, which are rapidly absorbed in the urine.That's why he ...
- Always look for high fiber raw materials because fiber slows down the absorption of carbohydrates.
- Eat lots of legumes, cauliflower, carob, broccoli, spinach and kale.
- Grain only with caution and martyrs! Use whole wholemeal flour, such as brown flour, rye flour and bread made from these;
- Avoiding high sugars in fruits: you should only eat rarely and little of bananas, vines, dried fruits, dates, and dried fruits
- The long cooking time changes the structure of the food and can increase the GI value. Choose shorter cooking techniques, such as blanching, roasting, steaming, and leave the greens crunchier.
- In addition to carbohydrates (greens, cereals), fat and protein (meats, dairy products, eggs) also slow down absorption.
- The consumption of sour foods also lowers the GI value of food consumed together because the acidic environment in the stomach slows the intake of nutrients.
- Instead of sugar, honey and herbal syrups, you have sweetened with natural herbal infusions, such as stevia, which generally do not cause your blood sugar to rise.

2. So you can reduce your fat content!

You can reduce the amount of fat by choosing leaner ingredients at the time of purchase and using only a little vegetable oil at the time of cooking. On the other hand, high-omega-3 oils (such as linseed oil, diesel oil, fish oil) increase the insulin sensitivity of the cells, therefore their long-term use has a favorable effect on the outcome of the disease. Avoid the meat treats by making sandwich cream from your greens for fire, breakfast, or snack, rather than picking it up. Among the meat and cheese, the leaner include chicken, turkey, cock, deer or fish, and mozzarella and Tolnai cheese. The fleshy visible part of the flesh and the skin should always be removed.

3. Eat often, little!

Look for five to six meals a day, and prebb so that it coincides at about the same time. If you divide your daily intake of carbohydrates into more than one meal (typically 140-180 grams per medical prescription), you can prevent sudden, sharp increases in your blood glucose levels and fasting blood sugar levels. The body responds differently to insulin throughout the day. Insulin sensitivity is the lowest in the morning and in the dullet, and the highest in the south and the south. Therefore, during the day, eat the most carbohydrates for lunch, followed by dinner, then breakfast, and finally the small meals' carbohydrate content. It is by no means a complete avoidance of carbohydrates, as it can upset your metabolism just as if you were to burn them.

4. Variety

Become more versatile and skip the diets, fasts, as it may make it harder for your body to store vitamins and minerals in the right amounts. It improves insulin sensitivity, so calcium, zinc and magnesium can be effective. Make sure you always have enough!

Cribs can also help

There are also herbal remedies in nature that can alleviate some of the PCOS symptoms, but they can only be used under medical supervision. For example, it can be a good replacement for menstrual menstruation, restoring normal menstrual cycles, and fertility problems. The fruit of the American Diarrhea can reduce hormone acne breakouts, excessive hair growth and male pattern hair loss. And goatmeat has been shown to increase the insulin sensitivity of cells in the body.Other important articles related to polycystic ovarian syndrome include:
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