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Therefore, pregnancy is influenced by overtraining

Therefore, pregnancy is influenced by overtraining

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More and more women and men are struggling with infertility, with a myriad of factors in their background. It is true that those who are overweight are much more difficult to conceive than their normal BMI counterparts.

Let's pay attention to our weight

Dr. Ildikou Lхrincz, the Gynecologic Endocrinologist of the Center for Nursing, explained the association between overweight and pregnancy.In your experience, is infertility more common in overweight than in slimmer windows?
It is clearly more common, as proper lifestyle, healthy diet and regular exercise significantly facilitate pregnancy, as the body is ready for fertilized egg. If one lives an unhealthy life, it is certainly present in the body, and often calls attention to a higher hormone disorder, or vice versa, which can easily provoke hormone dysfunction. Is it usually related to over-hormone problems, is it causing pregnancy difficulties, or is it even more difficult for the child to self-relieve, , productivity is improving. But it is also true that if you have a hormone disorder, PCOS, thyroid insufficiency, it is not just a matter of releasing excess weight, the disease also needs to be treated in order to become pregnant and to have a smooth functioning of the stomach.Why does weight gain make it difficult for you to get pregnant?
For one reason, the problem can often be with PCOS, IR, thyroid problems, and other hormonal diseases that can upset women's hormone levels to the extent that they can cause infertility. As the fat itself contributes significantly to the production of estrogen, the more fat the person is, the more likely he is to suffer from estrogen domination, which significantly reduces the risk of pregnancy. In addition, follicular fluids are also believed to have significantly higher fat content, which also has a poor effect on fertility because of the loss of egg cell metabolism. Does overexposure cause hormonal disorder or does hormonal disorder cause ovarian disorder? Both are true. You know that you have conditions (such as PCOS) that can lead to overweight, but that a poor lifestyle, such as excess weight, plays a major role in the development of this disorder. So what came first, the hen or the egg, is difficult to answer, but it is certain that with normal body weight and a healthy lifestyle you have less chance of developing a hormone disorder. What can be done about childbirth?
In order to be positive in a pregnancy test as soon as possible, it is necessary to create the best possible conditions for embryo adoption. Apart from medication, this lifestyle may even require medication, depending on whether there is any hormonal dysfunction associated with overweight. To do this, the person must follow the advice of a gynecologist, an endocrinologist, a dietitian and a physician.Also read these articles:
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