That's why April babies are so special

That's why April babies are so special

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Increasingly, research is proving that our birth month influences our personality, our health - even if we do not believe in astrology, it is worth knowing them. Let's see what babies were born in April!

Better night owls than dawn lark

According to a study published in Sleep magazine, babies born in the spring and summer are more likely to go to bed early in the morning and fall asleep in the morning, more often than not owls.What are the April Babies?

They are more optimistic about life

According to a Hungarian study in 2014, she was generally born with higher scores in the spring months, March, April or May. On a hypertensive scale, that is, they see the world more positively, are more optimistic, cheerful, and talkative than those who come to the world in the colder winter months.

Born leaders

Children born in March and April will have a higher degree of seniority than, for example, those in Summer. This is based on a comparison of the birth dates of 375 CEOs. One reason for this, according to experts, is that spring births are among the older in school classes, meaning they are likely to perform better and take the lead over the poorer younger ones.

They are less frequently affected by asthma

In the spring and summer, more allergenic particles in the air, and if one encounters these early in life, they are more likely to respond more effectively to their immune system, meaning they are less likely to suffer from asthma.

You need to start watching them earlier

April babies simply have more out in the open, meaning much more sunlight on the skin, even in the first few months, so they have an increased risk of melanoma. It's a good idea to teach them early on how to use streaming cream regularly!
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