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Stem cells for safety

Stem cells for safety

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More and more expectant mothers are asking their doctor's opinion on the storage of the cord. Is it worth it to spend a little money on it?

Expert of Maternity Magazine, dr. Answer by Gyorgy Szхnyi, director of the G1 Institute: YES!
Of course, we can respond to this request in a much more balanced manner, based on professional and economic standards.
The blood stem cells from the neonatal cord are not only used for their own purpose. In the case of a suitable immunological agreement, the child may also be able to treat a family member, such as a sibling. It also has the advantage of having an in vitro blood cord sample stored for its own purpose and without having to wait for a lengthy donor search process, which can worsen the patient's chance of healing. Numerous results from stem cell research are already common practice in practice. There are two major centers in Hungary dealing with the use of stem cells: one is the Budapest St. Luke's Hospital for Adult and Pediatric Cell Transplantation, and the other is the Children's Health Center in Miskolc. More than 300 stem cell transplants are performed each year, most of which are haematopoietic transplantation.
The success of transplants also depends on the age of the patient, on the diagnosis and on the stage of the disease. Nowadays, human cord blood stem cells are most often used for this purpose in diseases affecting the blood-forming or immune system, as well as in tumors and certain metabolic disorders.
Cost a lot?
The cost of stem cell storage can even be considered as an insurance amount. The service providers offer a myriad of options from lump sum clearing to monthly detailing. What is certain is that the letter from the genius is a one-off and unique occasion, and we hope that it will never be used again.
So they take it off
A specially trained obstetrician will take care of the baby after the baby is conceived - after the care of the mother and the newborn. They then help to remove 60-150 milliliters of blood from the cord running in the cord, which is transported to the blood bag in the donation box. The haemorrhage in the blood bag ensures that the following 48 hours - until it goes to the laboratory - can be sustained without any damage.
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